Get on board

In a recent conversation about ways to set oneself apart in a job interview, a fellow EA who we will call “Kate” gave the sage advice to come in prepared with a 30/60/90 day plan as to how you will effectively onboard yourself in the new position. I found this to be a brilliant move on […]

Thinking outside the [in]box

Email. It’s inescapable. According to a July 2012 McKinsey Global Institute report on “the social economy,” the average worker will spend 28% of the work day simply managing email. And not only does email take up a lot of our time, it randomizes us by drawing our attention not to the most urgent or important tasks but […]

Scheduling Savvy

Back to the nuts-and-bolts, folks! In the spotlight today: scheduling. This is the cornerstone of executive assistance: effectively managing your boss’s time. How many of you thought, when I said, “scheduling,” that this would be a blog post about how to set appointments? Well, we will indeed go over best practices for that most basic and […]

The Travel Folder

As promised, I’m finally diving in more deeply to the specific, nuts-and-bolts how-to of various aspects of how to be an effective Executive Assistant at a start-up. Lesson one: The Travel Folder My phone wakes me up at 4:42 am. Before my alarm, meaning that whoever is calling is important enough to override my Do Not Disturb […]

The power of “?”

“Why?” If you’ve ever spent any time around a toddler, you know the pain of having to answer this question approximately 200 times per day. But it turns out our adorably obnoxious spawn may have something to teach us on this score. They understand the almighty power of knowledge, and they haven’t yet learned to […]

My Checklist Manifesto

I used to be anti-checklist. It seemed so anal-retentive to check off little boxes on a sheet every time I wanted to get something accomplished. And if I’m honest, I had a fair bit of pride tied up in the idea of being able to remember all the steps of a given task without having a […]