How to be assimilated

As anyone who’s ever moved to a new town can tell you, being the new kid can be rough. You don’t know any of the inside jokes (you literally had to be there), don’t have a shared history with anyone (no, I *don’t* remember that time the power went out), don’t understand why things are […]

The Gratitude Attitude

This coming Monday is May Day, i.e. May 1st, i.e. International Workers Day, which around here means a slew of protests and the accompanying threat of violence. Or just really, really terrible traffic. Last May Day, traffic was so awful I ended up walking the 4 miles home from our (at that time) Pioneer Square […]

Safeguarding sanity

Just now, I overheard my boss saying to a visitor: “…and Adrienne. She keeps us all sane.” This is a responsibility I do not take lightly. And I must say, November 2016 has been challenging in this regard. Regardless of your political affiliations, the election stress and the turmoil that followed have taken an emotional toll […]