Got Community?

The key to easeful & impactful innovation is collaboration. Working together doesn't just make projects faster, smoother, easier, and more fun, it builds community, a powerful yeild in and of itself.

When we align to our values and desires as an intentional team, tune into our collective intuition, and focus on a shared vision of what could be, the possibilities are limitless!

Dr. Adrienne's community gatherings are designed to help you envision and create your ideal environment as a team by aligning you to your common values and empowering you to make use of the same simple four-part system nature uses to create beautiful, functional, regenerative systems (the DOER™ cycle).


  • Community Design. You don't have to move to an "intentional community" to live in community intentionally. Create a community you want to live in right where you're at with this fun 3-part series.
  • Passion Projects. What will you create as a community? We create the container, you create the world you want to live in.
  • Inspiration & celebration. Invite Dr. Adrienne to come inspire & celebrate your community with a keynote speech!

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