Creative Flow


You are a powerful INNOVATOR & CREATOR, here to use your authentic gifts to create real, impactful value for yourself and the people who matter most, NOT to be a cog in someone else's machine.

You know this. You feel it, to your very soul.

So why are you still struggling to be seen, recognized and appreciated for the things you value most in yourself?

Why do you feel so stagnant in your life, career, and business, unable to make the impact you know you're capable of? So restless and unsatisfied, despite your achievements? So unworthy and not-good-enough, despite any applause, accolades and accreditations you recieve?

Why does everything you build just make you feel even more miserable, trapped, burned-out and blocked-up?

If creating & innovating with ease & enjoyment is your birthright, why does it feel so unattainable?

Because you've been programmed to devalue and mistrust your authentic creative energy, and have blocked off its flow at the source.

And here’s the real gut-punch: That creative energy you’re not putting to good use is like a Border Collie you’re leaving at home every day while you’re at work. Without sheep to herd, it will tear down your curtains, chew up your shoes, and rip your persian rug to shreds.

Translation: Unleash your creative flow NOW, or it will keep creating more & more challenging problems to solve and disruptive dramas to play out.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is: Your creative energy knows exactly what to do, and how & when to do it. All you have to do is unleash it.

The better news is: I’ve spent the last two decades creating easy-to-use tools to help you do exactly that. And I've organized them into three major programs, designed to help you:

- ALIGN & SHINE as the star you already are

- BE a DOER by aligning to your natural creative process


- RELEASE YOUR MASTERPIECE to become the go-to AUTHORity in your field and make the impact you're here to make.


You are a STAR! Living a life you love should be as easy as showing up with your unique energy and giving your authentic gifts in alignment with your deepest desires and dearest-held values. But it's far too easy to lose touch with our inner truth in this externally-focused world. Click the title to begin your journey home!

Spark genius with ease & enjoyment by aligning to your natural creative rhythm: the DOER™ cycle. No more burnout, no more blockage, just abundant creative FLOW in every aspect of your life & business. Click the title to learn just how delightful creating & innovating can be when you have the right process & the right support!

You are an AUTHORity, and it's time the world knew it! Build an aligned, authentic brand, write & release resonant, authority-building books & ongoing content, and be the go-to expert in your niche with the Release Your Masterpiece™ program and bespoke AUTHORity packages. Click the title to start making the impact you came here to make!

You are a STAR. Just as you are.

But sometimes we all need a little help to shine as brightly as we know we can.

Or maybe we just need permission?

Either way, I'm here to help guide you on your journey back to your STAR-self with bespoke, one-on-one coaching programs, customed designed to suit your unique individual needs.

If you want to:

  • Shine bright like the STAR you are
  • Be recognized and appreciated for your authentic gifts (not just whatever you think you can get paid to do)
  • Easily make decisions & stand behind them with integrity
  • Build a personal & professional brand that reflects your authentic values & communicates your core message

But you struggle with:

  • Self-love and self-acceptance
  • Believing your authentic gifts are needed in the world
  • Trusting your own judgment
  • Standing by your brand (continually rebranding yourself and/or your business to try to please "the market")

Then this is the program for you!

Set up a free DISCOVERY CALL so we can find or design the perfect coaching package for you.

Align to Your Natural Creative Process:

The DOER™ Cycle

Like the seasons, the lunar cycle, and even the life cycle, your creative process follows a simple, four-part cyclical pattern.

When you align to the pattern, creating is as easy and enjoyable as flowing from one energy to the next.

Over the last two decades of working with high-performing individuals & teams, I've observed, captured, and clarified that pattern and created simple tools that make it easy and fun to get and stay aligned to it.

If you want to:

  • Spark genius (invite innovative insights) consistently
  • Transform your innovative ideas into impactful realities w/ ease
  • Enjoy every moment of the process

But you struggle with:

  • Prioritizing your passion
  • Showing up consistently for your process
  • Judging yourself harshly by what you have or haven't produced

Then this is the program for you!

Join the Creative Flow Coworking Club, where innovators like you put the DOER cycle into action, together!

Learn more about the fun, easy-to-use tools I've developed to help you Be a DOER HERE

Be an AUTHORity

Have you always dreamed of being a published author?

Do you long to be known as the go-to expert in your field?

Dr. Adrienne (a.k.a. The Story Whisperer) is here to help you release your masterpiece(s) and become the AUTHORity you were always meant to be.

If you want to:

  • Publish books that transport and transform your ideal audience
  • Ignite a movement and spread your core message across the globe
  • Build an authentic brand that easily attracts and engages your ideal audience
  • Speak and present on your topic with ease & enjoyment, secure in your AUTHORity

But you struggle with:

  • Knowing where to start or what to focus on first
  • Deciding what does and doesn't belong in your book(s) and your business
  • Staying accountable to finishing what you've started and getting your message out into the world
  • Reconciling your personal and professional brands
  • Fear of public speaking
  • Inability to clearly and succinctly state your core message and/or what you do, for whom, and how

Then this is the program for you!

The AUTHORity packages are designed to help you:

  • Build an authentic brand that attracts your ideal audience
  • Write and release a nonfiction book (or series!) that brings that audience real value
  • Create offers that help them continue their journey beyond the book
  • Create an ongoing content strategy to keep them engaged & continue building your AUTHORity

AUTHORity Packages


The Release Your Masterpiece core course + 5 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr. Adrienne to clarify your gifts & who they're for + membership to the Creative Flow Coworking Club.


BASICS + a customized brand alignment tool, designed to help you launch an aligned, authentic brand to attract your ideal audience + asynchronous unblocking by Dr. Adrienne.


BASICS + 3 rounds of editing: a full developmental edit of your manuscript (actionable feedback & suggestions to make your book the best it can be) + line-editing + proofreading.

*for 50,000 words

$500 each additional 10K words


BASICS + BRAND + BOOK + a custom content strategy to keep your audience engaged & continue building your AUTHORity & spreading your core message to the world w/ ease & enjoyment.

Learn more about the Release Your Masterpiece core course and more HERE

These programs will light you up from the inside and help you level-up in every area of your life.

But don't take my word for it, hear it directly from the innovators whose lives have been transformed: