Creative Flow


You are a powerful INNOVATOR & CREATOR, here to use your authentic gifts to create real, impactful value for yourself and the people who matter most. You know this. You feel it, to your very soul.

So why are you still struggling to give those gifts to those people and get real value in return?

Because you've been programmed to doubt your worth, devalue and mistrust your authentic creative energy, and block off its flow at the source.

And here’s the real gut-punch: That creative energy you’re not putting to good use is like a Border Collie you’re leaving at home every day while you’re at work. Without sheep to herd, it will tear down your curtains, chew up your shoes, and rip your persian rug to shreds.

Translation: Unleash your creative flow NOW, or it will create increasingly challenging problems to solve and disruptive dramas to play out.

That’s the bad news. The good news is: Your creative energy knows exactly what to do, and how & when to do it to make your deepest dreams into impactful realities. All you have to do is unleash it.

The better news is: I’ve spent the last two decades honing easy-to-use tools designed to help you BE a DOER by rediscovering your natural creative process to create & innovate sustainably, with ease & enjoyment, and ALIGN to your creative source & SHINE as the star you already are by stepping fully into your authentic authority.


Spark genius with ease & enjoyment by aligning to your natural creative rhythm: the DOER™ cycle. No more burnout, no more blockage, just abundant creative FLOW in every aspect of your life & business. Click the title to learn just how delightful creating & innovating can be when you have clarity + the right process + the right support!

You are an authority, and it's time the world knew it! Get clarity on your mission, vision, and purpose, then build an aligned, authentic brand and an enthusiastic, engaged community around it, just by showing up in the world as the person you truly desire to be. Click the title to start making the impact you came here to make!

Align to Your Natural Creative Process:

The DOER™ Cycle

Like the seasons, the lunar cycle, and even the life cycle, your creative process follows a simple, four-part cyclical pattern.

When you align to the pattern, creating is as easy and enjoyable as flowing from one energy to the next.

Over the last two decades of working with high-performing individuals & teams, I've observed, captured, and clarified that pattern and created simple tools that make it easy and fun to get and stay aligned to it.

If you want to:

  • Spark genius (invite innovative insights) consistently
  • Transform your innovative ideas into impactful realities w/ ease
  • Enjoy every moment of the process

But you struggle with:

  • Burnout, blockage, or lack of motivation / inspiration
  • Perfectionism & procrastination
  • Judging yourself harshly by what you have or haven't produced

Then this is the program for you!

Join the Creative Flow Community, where innovators like you put the DOER cycle into action, together!

Learn more about the fun, easy-to-use tools I've developed to help you Be a DOER HERE

You are a STAR. Just as you are.

But sometimes we all need a little help to shine as brightly as we know we can.

That's why I created the Align & Shine program, which combines the effectiveness of a bespoke coaching program with the support & accountability of a Mastermind group, to guide you on your journey back to your STAR-self, give you the clarity and permission you crave to build an aligned, authentic personal & professional brand, and set you on the path to living the life of your dreams.

If you want to:

  • Get real value in exchange for giving your authentic gifts
  • Live life on your own terms
  • Easily make challenging decisions & stand behind them with integrity
  • Build a brand that reflects your authentic values & communicates your core message
  • Attract an enthusiastic, engaged community around that brand

But you struggle with:


  • Knowing who you are & what you're here to do
  • Excavating your true Self from under all the stories and Shoulds you've collected
  • Connecting with your desires & what truly lights you up
  • Recognizing your authentic gifts and who they're for
  • Understanding your ideal community, audience, and clientele, and the difference between the 3
  • Setting value-aligned goals & inentions; being deliberate with your energy


  • Believing your authentic gifts are needed in the world
  • Trusting your own judgment
  • Speaking articulately & concisely about yourself and what you offer
  • Feeling not qualified, educated, accredited (etc.) enough to be considered an authority
  • Constantly downplaying your achievements, expertise, experiences, qualifications, etc.


  • Honoring your intentions; making progress toward your goals
  • Making good on your commitments; doing what you said you would do
  • Showing up for your process, even when it gets uncomfortable or inconvenient
  • Making your process enjoyable enough that you WANT to show up for it
  • Finishing what you started or pivoting with awareness & intention

...Then this is the program for you!

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