Release Your Masterpiece - the book

There are countless masterpieces within you, ready and waiting to bring your chosen team, and you, massive value.

But the greatest masterpiece waiting to be released is your authentic self!

Release Your Masterpiece isn’t just a book, it’s a unique interactive experience, weaving together entertaining stories, powerful insights, and impactful exercises.

By the end of the book, in addition to having enjoyed a great read, you’ll have a map leading directly to the well of Inspiration within you, and will know exactly what to do when you get there to create real value for yourself and the people you care about.

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Get the most out of the RYM experience

Release Your Masterpiece is no ordinary book. It's a masterclass in authentic creativity, with workbook elements built right in. To get the full value, you're going to want a copy you can write on.



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Release Your Masterpiece - the course

Put the Release Your Masterpiece process into action to supercharge your aligned, authentic, truly valuable creative output, and help it connect with those who need it most, as well as those who can help you make it a reality.

The core course is designed to transform struggling solopreneurs and freelancers into successful, centered, and supported innovators through a series of videos and guided exercises, each building upon the last.

Upon completion, you will have:

  • A list of your core values
  • A detailed profile of your ideal audience
  • Alignment to your authentic gifts
  • A map to the well of inspiration within you
  • A powerful formula to pitch the ideas you find there to potential collaborators, investors, and end-users

Meanwhile, the ever-expanding library of add-on modules tackle specific issues you are likely to encounter as an innovator, from learning how to channel your emotional energy into creative fuel, to continuously releasing authentic content for your chosen team.

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"The Release Your Masterpiece core course gave me SO much clarity around my messaging and the audience I want to connect with! I highly recommend you check it out."

Alysa Escobar


"Just ten minutes into my Masterpiece Midwifery session with Dr. Adrienne, all of my confusion and fear melted away, and I felt clear, focused, and confident. My dream is becoming a reality!"

Andrea Butcher


"The Release Your Masterpiece process helped me stop chasing money and start creating real value for my target audience. Now I'm making a lot more money, with a lot less effort!"

David Woodward


Keep going!

I took the course, and came up with an incredible idea.

Now what??

Transform your awesome ideas into impactful solutions with the 90-day Idea Incubator!

Got a great idea, but not sure what to do with it?

The Idea Incubator is a 90-day guided action pack to help you transform a great idea into a viable solution to improve the lives of the people you care about most.


  • 90 days of Be a DOER Mastermind Membership
  • Your own customized action tracking tool so you never need to wonder “what should I be doing right now?”
  • Continuous asynchronous unblocking throughout the process
  • 6 custom coaching sessions w/ Dr. Adrienne to help you stay on track and get great results with maximum ease & enjoyment.

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I've got a masterpiece that's ready to be released!

Establish your AUTHORity as not just a thought leader, but a heart leader, with Masterpiece Midwifery.

Get custom guidance from Dr. Adrienne (a.k.a. The Story Whisperer) in creating long-form content that will help take your audience from where they're stuck to where they truly desire to be. Perfect for the heart-led SOULopreneur who wants to become the go-to expert in their field by creating resonant content in the form of:

  • A book or series of books
  • Ongoing content in 3 different formats (vlog, podcast, & blog)
  • A course, workshop, or series of workshops
  • An inspiring TED-style talk or series of talks

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