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Creative Flow for Kids


This powerful permisison slip and guide for kids (old enough to read chapter books & journal) to unleash their creative flow and hold onto their natural curiosity throughout their lives includes age-appropriate funny stories, fun exercises, cute journal pages, and much more. Order a copy for all the kids in your life to help the next generation of innovators thrive!

Spark Genius:

Creative Flow Unleashed


Spark Genius demystifies the process of inspiration, ideation, creation through a series of delightful (and, at times, downright hilarious) stories and enjoyable hands-on activities. If you long to shift out of “strive” and into “thrive,” out of blockage and into flow, this book found you at the perfect time to help you heal from burnout, reconnect with Source, realign to your natural creative process, unleash your uniquely valuable energy, and shine as the STAR you are, across every aspect of your life!

Release Your Masterpiece:

A Powerful Guide to Discover Your Authentic Gifts & Put Them to Good Use


There are countless masterpieces within you, ready and waiting to be released and st but the greatest of all is your authentic self. Release Your Masterpiece isn’t just a book, it’s a unique interactive experience, weaving together entertaining stories, powerful insights, and impactful exercises to help you discover your authentic gifts and put them to good use to create real value for those who matter most -- your authentic self very much included!

The DOER Deck


By popular demand, a deck of energy-alignment cards to help you re-align to Source energy, commune with Inspiration, and spark Genius FAST!

A colorful matrix of 49 cards, each representing a powerful creative energy center and featuring an impactful affirmation and an inspiring prompt to get you back in flow and creating, with original artwork by Rebecca MacIain.

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The Creator's Alamanac

The Creator's Almanac is like the Farmer's Almanac, but instead of helping farmers crow crops, it helps creators like you grow innovative ideas into authentic value.

Designed to keep you aligned to, and allied with, the celestial events that affect your creative energy, this simple desk calendar calls out the phases of the moon and other important celestial events, plus seasonal prompts and space to reflect on how you will make the most of these energies.

Download this month's almanac FREE, or join the Creative Flow Community to get the full year, plus a Google calendar with all the events pre-loaded!

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