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Wanna know a secret?

All creation is co-creation.

Every time you come up with an innovative idea, you're tapping into Source energy (a.k.a. Inspiration, Genius, etc.) through the antenna of your intuition. And every time you set an intention to make an innovative idea into an impactful reality, you are partnering with The Universe to co-create it as a team.

You know what that means?


It never has been, and it never will be.

And here's the best part: once you are in conscious co-creation with Source, magic happens. Synchronicities bubble up all around you, and collaborators start showing up. Collaborating with fellow innovators means we can stay in our zone of genius, doing only what only we can do, while growing our impact exponentially.

The Innovator’s Guild--a free online community where innovators can get inspired, share ideas, get feedback, garner support, and connect with potential collaborators--creates the container for the magic of co-creation and collaboration to flourish.

To get the most out of the Innovator’s Guild, join the Co-Create to Innovate online co-working club, where we put the DOER cycle into action, together! Scroll down to learn more. But first...

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The Co-Create to Innovate Co-Working Club

When you show up for your passion, your pasison shows up for you!

Stay accountable to manifesting your true desires, and have a blast doing it by joining this unique, online co-working club.

Too often we neglect the things that truly light us up in favor of the skills that pay our bills. This seems a reasonable way to prioritize until we realize that, without the devotional practice of putting our greatest gifts to good use, they atrophy and fade, so that when the time comes to use them to create authentic value for ourselves and others, we find it painful and difficult to do so.

Conversely, when you commit to creating what you feel genuinely called to create, to showing up and shining as the STAR you are, you unlock your innovative potential in all areas of life.

The Co-Create to Innovate Co-Working Club provides the container you need to keep you accountable to putting your greatest gifts to good use creating real value for the people who matter most. These fun, affordable, show-up-and-shine-as-you-are co-working sessions will supercharge your creative output with ease and enjoyment.

Each session includes:

  • Check-in, DOER cycle alignment, and unblocking with Dr. Adrienne
  • Focus time (video and mic off) to practice your creative process on a project that lights you up
  • Round-up to share what you created, solicit ideas, and coordinate with potential collaborators

If you struggle to get started on new projects, to follow-through on the projects you’ve already started, or to turn the things you create into real value for yourself and others, this is the place for you!

Sessions are held at a variety of days and times to allow for different lifestyles and schedules; come to as many as you like. For a current schedule, check the calendar.

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"Unconditional acceptance, celebration, & affirmation."

"If the time goes the way I was planning for it to go, that is celebrated. And if goes differently, that is also celebrated. So how awesome is that, to feel this unconditional sense of acceptance, and celebration, and affirmation?"

Maya Liebermann

Empath, Creative, Author

FREE with purchase of any other subscription, course, or coaching service, or:

Single Session

Feel free to drop on in any time and pay as you go (your first session is FREE).



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Stay accountable to what you truly want to create and save money to boot! Come to as many sessions as you like with the all-access pass.




Starter pack

Sessions are only $13 apiece when you commit to showing up for yourself 3 times.



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