Lloyd Dobler with boom box

Defense Against the Dark Hearts

We need a new definition of love. One that is based on mutual respect and healthy boundaries. And we need to stop accepting anything less. To help you recognize and dismantle unhealthy patterns in your own life, here is a list of common manipulation tactics that are all too often accepted as “normal” relationship behaviors

infographic describing IDEAL consent

Consent isn’t consent unless it’s IDEAL

Consent, in addition to being a major buzzword in the post-#metoo world, is an incredibly important concept in human relationships, especially in regards to sex. But what does it actually mean? By the dictionary definition, consent is simply agreeing to a given proposal: And this is exactly how it generally plays out in our culture: […]

Montessori school classroom

Miss Impression, People Appeaser

I am the worst kind of people-pleaser. I’m a downright people-appeaser. When I was in second grade, for example, I was so terrified of interrupting my teacher during story time that I refused to even ask if I could go to the bathroom, even though I had to go really, really badly. I held it […]