Align to Your Natural Creative Process:

The DOER™ Cycle

Like the seasons, the lunar cycle, and even the life cycle, your creative process follows a cyclical pattern.

When you align to the pattern, creating is as easy and enjoyable as flowing from one energy to the next.

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Join the Creative Flow Community

When you show up for your passion, your pasison shows up for you!

Come get the support & accountability you need & deserve to build your authentic AUTHORity and create real value for the people who matter most.

Oh and P.S. have a blast doing it!

Too often, we neglect the things that truly light us up in favor of the skills that pay our bills. Seems like a reasonable way to prioritize until we realize that, without the devotional practice of putting our greatest gifts to good use, they atrophy and fade, so that when the time comes to use them to create authentic value for ourselves and others, it's a painful, difficult, snail's-pace slog.

Conversely, when you commit to showing up and shining as the star you are & creating from your authentic source, you unlock your potential in all areas of life.

The Creative Flow Community provides the container you need to keep accountable to putting your greatest gifts to good use, creating real value for the people who matter most, while building an authentic brand that sets you up as an AUTHORity in your chosen field.

As a member, you get access to:

In addition to a dedicated Slack channel , Dr. Adrienne hosts weekly show-up-and-shine-as-you-are DOER sessions for the community that will supercharge your creative output with ease and enjoyment.

Each session includes:

  • The collaborative Creative Flow Community Slack Channel
  • The Creator's Almanac, a calendar of celestial events that affect our collective creative energy + prompts & affirmations to help you align & shine
  • Weekly interactive DOER alignment sessions via Zoom, featuring guided exercises by Dr. Adrienne to help you make the most of the current DOER phase and stay accountable to your authentic desires

If you struggle to get started on new projects, to follow-through on the projects you’ve already started, or to turn the things you create into real value for yourself and others, this is the place for you!

Sessions are currently held on:

Thursdays 10:30-11:30 a.m. PT / 11:30-12:30 MT / 12:30-1:30 CT / 1:30-2:30 ET


FREE with purchase of Align & Shine package, or:

Single Session

Feel free to drop on in any time and pay as you go (your first session is FREE).



All-Access Pass


Stay accountable to what you truly want to create and save money to boot! Come to as many sessions as you like with the all-access pass.




Starter pack

Sessions are only $13 apiece when you commit to showing up for yourself 3 times.



for 3 sessions

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