Align to Your Natural Creative Process:

The DOER™ Cycle

Like the seasons, the lunar cycle, and even the life cycle, your creative process follows a cyclical pattern.

When you align to the pattern, creating is as easy and enjoyable as flowing from one energy to the next.

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Stay Aligned with our

Unique Cyclical Organizer

If you’re anything like me, ordinary organizers that follow a linear time structure just don’t work for you. All they do is stress you out and encourage you to judge yourself and unfairly compare yourself to others, leaving you feeling guilty and inadequate.

That’s why I created the Be a DOER™ cyclical organizer. It works with your natural creative rhythms to keep you sustainably releasing your aligned, authentic creations with ease and enjoyment.

This game-changing, creativity-boosting system includes inspiring prompts for each new phase, cycle by cycle, season by season, along with beautiful original artwork, hand-drawn by my wonderfully talented sister, Rebecca MacIain.

You go at your own pace, on your own schedule, and change it up as needed.

This is YOUR creative process, systematized.

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This sneak preview includes an intro to the DOER cycle, a welcome ritual for the Dreaming season, plus 8 actionable prompts (2 complete DOER cycles). Where should we send it?

What kind of DOER are you?

The Be a DOER™ system is designed to be cyclical and continuous, so on each solstice and equinox, we release a brand new pack of fresh prompts, complete with a welcome ritual for the new season and original artwork to awaken your senses and spark your imagination. You can sign up for an annual subscription (best value), take it season by season, or just dip your toes in with a one-deck purchase.

Single season

I'm DOER-curious, but not ready to commit. Send me a single seasonal organizer and I'll see how it goes...



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Re-align FAST with the DOER Deck™

By popular demand, a gorgeous deck of energy-alignment cards to help you re-align to Source energy, commune with Inspiration, and spark Genius FAST!

Each deck includes:

  • A beautiful matrix of 49 cards, each representing a powerful creative energy center to help raise your vibration and unblock you on every level, featuring original artwork by the incomparable Rebecca MacIain
  • An impactful affirmation and an inspiring prompt to get you back in flow and creating what you're called to create on every card
  • A list of suggestions to help you build your own ritual so energy alignment can be absorbed seamlessly into your regular routine

"A time-management & creativity life-saver."

"In writing, it is easy to get overwhelmed by creativity that is not focused. The DOER cycle has been a time-management and creativity lifesaver. By aligning a regular cycle with the DOER deck, I give myself the freedom to be thoughtful about my process while maintaining a productive schedule. Nothing is written in stone in the timing or emotional connection with the deck. What does happen is a focused experience that keeps both sides of the brain engaged. Wouldn't be on the path to achieving my writing goals without the DOER system."

Laura Doerffler,


Keep me updated!

Please let me know as soon as the DOER deck is available, and tell me about other cool creativity attunement tools you're working on.

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