Everything you need to show up and shine as the STAR you are!

Customized One-on-One Coaching

Whether you're looking for Masterpiece Midwifery to establish your AUTHORity by creating long-form content (books, courses, talks, etc.) that resonates regeneratively with your ideal audience, or simply seeking to reconnect with your creative Source and permanently eliminate burnout, you're in the right place!

Dr. Adrienne will create a unique, tailor-made one-on-one coaching program to help YOU re-light your inner flame, embrace your authentic self, share your unique gifts, connect them to your ideal audience, align to your creative rhythm, and SHINE in every aspect of your life.

Together we will discover what lights you up, and navigate our way through any and all obstacles that are blocking that light from shining out to the waiting world.

You are NOT in this alone!


Pay per session. No commitment, no minimum, no pressure.



per session

Value Pack

When you commit to 10 sessions, not only do you get better results, you get them for only $75 each!



for 10 sessions


Five bespoke, hour-long sessions to help YOU align and shine.



for 5 sessions

The Brand Alignment Incubator

YOU are Your Brand

You can achieve ANY goal. All you need is a process that is easeful and enjoyable enough that you will actually show up for it consistently.

I created the Brand Alignment Incubator because I needed such a process to achieve my goal of spreading the gospel of processtivity to innovators everywhere.

Designed to help you launch (or re-launch) a brand that is genuinely aligned to your authentic values, celebrates your true gifts, and brings real value to your people, the Brand Alignment Incubator creates the ideal container to stay accountable to your goals and HAVE A BLAST doing it!

If you are a SOULopreneur here to light people up from the inside (e.g. authorpreneur, coach, guide, counselor, healer, light-worker, energy-worker, empath, artist, muse, etc.), and you are ready to take your value-aligned solutions to the next level and position yourself as a heart leader (i.e. a heart-led thought leader), the go-to expert in your field, then this is for you!

No more continually re-branding and/or feeling like your brand is not an authentic reflection of who you really are and what you're truly here to do. No more trying to be what you think "the market" is willing to pay for.

It's time to start showing up and shining as the STAR you are!


  • 6 months of C0-Create to Innovate Co-Working Club Membership
  • Your own customized brand alignment action-tracking tool so you never need to wonder “what should I be doing right now?”
  • Continuous asynchronous unblocking throughout the process
  • 12 one-on-one custom coaching sessions w/ Dr. Adrienne to help you stay on track and get great results with maximum ease & enjoyment.
  • Individual guidance around creating a simple, sustainable structure for value exchange that makes sense for your authentic brand
  • Developmental editing and advice on the creation or revision of brand assets such as: Authority positioning statement / elevator pitch; About / origin story; Mission & Vision statements, etc.

Regular price - $7,000

Order now for only $4,500


"Adrienne's super power is keeping me focused on what matters most so I can stay in flow and innovate instead of getting stuck in the busywork weeds."

James Gwertzman



"Adrienne is a book high-priestess. She knew exactly what questions to ask me to pull out my most creative genius. I could not have published my book without her; she is a true alchemist of the written word."

Sarah Grady



"The Brand Alignment Incubator helped me overcome all the obstacles--both internal and external--that had been holding me back from living the life of my dreams. Adrienne is amazing!!!"

Isabel Cousins


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