The STAR you are...

S - Shines Sustainably

T - Tells the Truth

A - Aligns Authentically

R - Resonates Regeneratively

You are made of star-stuff: designed to show up and shine.

Although a star can effortlessly pull value-aligned energies into its orbit, true stardom goes far beyond influence. It isn't measured in numbers of followers, book deals, media appearances, etc. (though all of that is a natural byproduct of showing up and shining as the STAR you are). It's measured by the authentic energy you allow to radiate out of you, despite all the compelling reasons the world will give you not to.

If you're ready to fully embody your star-self, to live life lit up from the inside and help others do the same, you're in the right place!

Hi! I'm Adrienne.

What I do

I help you shine as the STAR you are.

I don't make you magical, or magnetic. You already are.

I simply help you REWILD yourself, reconnect to Source, and realign to your natural creative rhythm, the DOER™ cycle, so you can dismantle all the dimming damage done by society's scarcity scare-tactics, and reclaim your birthright:

pure abundance on tap.

I'm a muse, but with follow-through.

I don’t just help you spark genius, I help you put it to the best possible use:

creating true value (books, biz, & beyond) for the people who matter most--yourself very much included-- and shining it out to them, effortlessly & endlessly.

Why I do it

I do it for that moment.

You know the one.

When what seemed impossible, or at least so improbable it wasn’t worth the effort to even try, suddenly feels inevitable.

As if it’s already yours

written in the stars

destined to be.

I do it to see the light flick on behind your eyes: the spark of authentic genius, the shine of a true STAR.

I do it to hear you ask yourself, "If I can do this, what else can I do?"

I do it because I can’t not do it.

Not without making myself and everyone around me miserable, anyway. Because this is what STARs do: we help each other shine!

My Qualifications

This is my gift.

A gift I’ve honed through decades of dedicated focus on:

Creativity. As a STAR in my own right: a bestselling author, celebrated performer, educator & inspirational speaker.

Processtivity. Keeping you aligned to your natural creative process & releasing authentic value, NOT busy work.

Authenticity. Showing up and shining, onstage and off, as my weirdo self. Vulnerability is my superpower!

Collaboration. A lifetime (& a Ph.D.) in Theatre has taught me that anything created in collaboration will be better, easier, and way more fun!

Inspiration. All creation is co-creation with Source. The more consciously and deliberately we co-create, the more inspired, prolific, and successful we can be.

I want to see you SHINE!

Let's connect: