Unleash Creative Flow
  • Spark genius - as an individual & in community
  • Create, innovate, & impact w/ ease & enjoyment
  • Re-ignite passion in yourself & those you care about
  • Heal your relationship with creativity & inspiration
  • Prevent & recover from burnout
  • Live life lit up & thrive on every level
Hi! I'm Adrienne.

What I do

I un-block creative flow.

I don't make you magical, or magnetic. You already are.

I simply help you REWILD yourself, reconnect to Source, and realign to your natural creative rhythm, the DOER™ cycle, so you can reclaim your birthright:

pure abundance on tap.

I'm a muse, but with follow-through.

I don’t just help you spark genius & unleash creative flow,

I help you put it to good use:

effortlessly creating impactful value for the people who matter most,

yourself & your community very much included!

Why I do it

I do it for that moment.

You know the one.

When what seemed impossible, or at least so improbable it wasn’t worth the effort to even try, suddenly feels inevitable.

As if it’s already yours

written in the stars

destined to be.

When your eye-light flicks on

And you know you are

exactly where you're supposed to be.

I do it because I can’t not do it.

Not without making myself and everyone around me miserable, anyway.

Because it's my gift

and gifts are for giving.

My Qualifications

This is my gift.

A gift I’ve honed through decades of dedicated focus on:

Creativity. As a bestselling author / content creator, performer, educator, & inspirational speaker (see speaker one-sheet).

Processtivity. Keeping you aligned to your natural creative process & releasing authentic value, NOT busy work.

Authenticity. Showing up and shining, onstage and off, as my weirdo self. Vulnerability is my superpower!

Collaboration. A lifetime (& a Ph.D.) in Theatre has taught me that anything created in community will be better, easier, and way more fun!

I want to see you SHINE!

Let's connect: