Creative Flow


Hi! I'm Dr. Adrienne.

I'm here to help you build next-level AUTHORity by

unleashing the power of creative flow.

What are you here to do?

You are a STAR, just as you are! But it's not all on you to light up the world. Innovate & impact by tapping into the magic of co-creation, collaboration & community. Click the title to connect with other AUTHORities & stay accountable to creating what you're here to create.

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Creating & innovating are team sports!

Unleash the creative flow of your community to exponentially

increase your impact, reduce your work, and turn any project into a party.

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Ready to go from strive to thrive?

Building AUTHORity is the key to thriving free of the 9-5 grind, and unleashing your creative flow is the key to attaining it with ease & enjoyment.

Look: you know and I know that you’re not meant to be a cog in the corporate machine.

You are a powerful CREATOR, here to use your authentic gifts to create real value for yourself and the people who matter most.

You know this. You feel it, to your very soul.

Maybe you’ve even taken that leap of faith; made the bold, brave, badass decision to be your own boss and control your own time & destiny.

You’ve probably done your homework, too. Read all the books, followed all the gurus, taken all the courses, signed up for all the Masterminds, learned all the winning strategies and followed them diligently.

So why are you still struggling to make ends meet, and feeling more hopeless and burned-out than ever?

Because all those strategies worked for someone else, at another time and place, under different conditions.

You can’t follow someone else’s recipe to create your unique special sauce!

That’s the beauty of unleashing creative flow. It’s not a strategy, a recipe, or an external system to be learned and adapted to. It is, quite simply, the natural creative process that’s been yours since birth.

I’m just here to reintroduce you to it and help you unlearn all the crap that’s been piled on top of it in the name of “productivity.”

If you want to:

  • Be the go-to expert in your niche
  • Be your own boss, set your own schedule & your own salary
  • Be seen & appreciated for your true gifts, not just the skills that pay the bills (usually for someone else!)

But you don’t want to:

  • Put your life on hold to go back to school
  • Become a biz whiz & pour all your energy into managing a team
  • Burn yourself out doing stuff you suck at just to get back to doing what you do best

I have good news for you!

Before recovering my own DOER™ cycle from beneath decades of misguided B.S., I struggled for twenty years to produce a single book. A book that cost me, in addition to two decades of work, thousands of dollars, but made me less than $100.

I’ve always loved writing, but I never saw myself as a legit “author,” so neither did anyone else.

Meanwhile, I went through careers like Kleenex, never feeling recognized or appreciated for my authentic gifts.

Finally, I accepted that I was never going to be a good fit for the corporate world, and made the terrifying decision to go into business for myself.

A year later, I was ready to give up. I’d been working my yoga pants off, producing awesome content nonstop--another book, a weekly podcast, video series, blog, daily canva-crafted social media posts, posting in FB groups, etc.

But I was getting little traction, and zero sales.

When I tell you I was broke as a joke, I mean I couldn’t afford things like toothpaste and deodorant (it’s amazing what you can do with baking soda when you have no other options), let alone cover my bills.

One day my publisher, Sierra Melcher of Red Thread Publishing, asked me about my “community,” the people who were looking to me as a thought leader and waiting to see what I would release next.

That’s when I realized: I didn’t have one.

There I was, about to publish yet another book that nobody had asked for, planning a launch party for which I had no guest list, when it occurred to me that this was the equivalent of going shopping for a dinner party before sending out the invitations. I had no idea who was coming, or if anyone was even hungry for what I was cooking, yet there I was investing in all the food and supplies I thought I needed based on what “the experts” were telling me.

That’s when I decided to delay my book launch and focus on building my community first. As my publisher put it, “Let’s not pour hot coffee on your lap if you have no mug to catch it in.”

That failure stung so much worse than any of my crumbled careers, because I could always blame those on a “bad fit.” This felt so much more personal, like it was my authentic gifts that were at fault.

But as I shifted my focus off of producing products and onto building real relationships with actual people I genuinely wanted to see thrive, I made a discovery that changed everything. For me, and for them.

The problem, I realized, was never with my products, but with the process I was using to produce them.

My process wasn’t working for me, because it wasn’t mine at all. It was a series of “shoulds” I had picked up from external sources that were stifling my natural creativity and keeping me disconnected from my true desires, and those of my audience.

That’s when I rediscovered my natural creative process, the DOER™ cycle, and started using it to build my AUTHORity and create real value for my ideal audience with ease & enjoyment.

A year later, I have a thriving community, and a successful business. I’ve published five solo books, most of them Amazon bestsellers, and more on the way. I’ve also been published in five anthologies, and helped 20+ author-preneurs launch successful books, businesses, and beyond.

All this, plus my courses, coaching practice, creative flow coworking club, and regular speaking gigs and strong online presence have all helped me build my AUTHORity as the go-to expert on unleashing Creative Flow. And honestly? That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

But by far the best thing about realigning to my DOER™ cycle is how easeful and enjoyable it was to create all of this. This past year has felt like a delightful adventure rather than the white-knuckle, skimming-the-treetops terror-fest I thought I was in for when I took that leap of faith into author-preneur territory.

Not only did following the simple, cyclical process make it easy and fun to envision and complete multiple complex creative projects in far less time than I thought it would take, I didn’t have to waste any of my precious time, energy, or money on learning a new system. All I had to do was uncover and realign to the natural rhythm of my own creative energy, the same perfectly harmonious and balanced cycle nature relies on to create all the resources we rely on for survival.

That’s how I knew I couldn’t keep this discovery to myself: because, despite what your third grade teacher may have told you, the world is not divided into “creative types” and “non-creative types.” Everyone is creative, we simply use our creativity in different ways.

Creation and innovation are not the domain of some exceptional subsection of society, they are part of our most basic functioning as human beings. It is our birthright to imagine possibilities and then make them into realities, simply by unleashing our natural creative flow.

And once that creative flow is unleashed, the flood of authentic, resonant content that inevitably follows is truly a wonder to behold.

I’ve witnessed it again and again. Frustrated creators who come to me burned-out, exhausted, overwhelmed and uninspired, dreaming about sharing their stories and making an impact, but struggling just to make ends meet, let alone tackle a massive creative undertaking like writing and publishing books and other long-form content. Then, just a few months later, they’ve transformed into successful author-preneurs with a book, business, and brand that is an authentic reflection of who they are and what they’re here to create in the world.

Here’s how a few of my clients describe the results they've gotten, in their own words:


"I hope there are more courses like this!"

“The Release Your Masterpiece core course gave me SO much clarity around my messaging and the audience I want to connect with! I highly recommend you check it out.”

- Alysa Escobar

"One of the most powerful things I've ever done!"

"For the first time in a long, long time, I don't feel alone. I feel like something has changed forever."

- Doriana Vitti

"I can't recommend Adrienne highly enough."

"Adrienne has tools to [...] build more credibility and trust for your offering & help you get clear about what matters to you and your why."

- Lowry Olafson

At this point, you may be wondering: if everyone comes equipped with their very own DOER™ cycle, why isn’t everyone out there creating massive value for themselves and their ideal audience?

Simple: because we’ve all been carefully taught to ignore and override our intuitive signals and follow in the footsteps of those who have already achieved success.

But anyone who’s tried to do that can tell you that it doesn’t work.

What someone else did to achieve success by their definition won’t help you achieve success by your definition. Even if you think you want exactly what they have, it’s impossible to achieve it in exactly the same way they did, because by the time they get around to sharing their method with you, the market, the technology, and the circumstances have all shifted so significantly as to make their advice all but obsolete.

That’s why you’re still struggling to reach your goals, despite having taken all the courses, watched all the videos, read all the books, hired all the expensive business coaches, participated in all the mastermind groups, posted all the content, engaged in all the networking groups, etc., etc., etc.

I have no doubt in my mind that your lack of success is not for lack of effort. On the contrary, if you’re anything like I was, you’re doing WAY more than you actually need to be doing to become a trusted authority in your field.

This is the secret truth the business gurus of the world don’t want you to learn, because once you understand it, you will never need to pay for another course, sign up for another mastermind, or get another degree: following someone else’s roadmap won’t help you become the person you truly desire to be, living the life you deeply desire to live, and creating the value only you can create.

The only way to do that is to realign to your own unique creative process, and start showing up for it consistently.

Look, the reality is that most people who try to go into business for themselves don’t even make it to the one-year mark. The statistics, I’m sorry to say, are not in your favor, and unless you happen to be independently wealthy, that means you’re going to end up right back where you started: a cog in the corporate machine, doing whatever someone else is willing to pay you for instead of creating what you’re called to create for the people you care about most.

And here’s the real gut-punch: creative energy you’re not putting to good use is like a Border Collie you’re leaving at home every day while you’re at work. Without sheep to herd, it will tear down your curtains, chew up your shoes, and rip your persian rug to shreds.

In other words: either you unleash your creative flow NOW, or it will turn against you, creating problems to solve and dramas to play out, burning you out from the inside.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is: your creative process is already yours; all you have to do is realign to it.

The better news is: I’ve created a whole bunch of easy-to-use tools to help you do exactly that, quickly and effectively, with maximum ease and enjoyment.

All the tools here in my toolbox are designed to help you tune into your own intuition, discover the rhythm that works best for you, and show up for it consistently, with ease & enjoyment.

To get started, click on "Align & Shine" to join the Creative Flow Coworking Club, where we put the DOER™ cycle into action in a fun, supportive online creative community that keeps us accountable to creating what we’re called to create.

Other programs charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month just to follow someone else’s method for achieving success by their definition (not yours!).

The Creative Flow Coworking Club is insanely affordable at just $50 per month, and only takes up one hour of your valuable time each week.

More importantly, it gets you the results you envision for yourself!

Look, if what you’re doing right now is working for you, then wonderful! If it’s giving you the freedom (financial, creative, and personal) you desire and deserve, then by all means, keep doing it!!

If not, you’ve got a few options:

Keep experimenting. If you’ve got the time and money to blow on months or even years of trial and error, experience is always the best teacher!

Give up on your dream and try to salvage a corporate career, if it isn’t already too late.

Join our growing community of heart-led thought leaders making a massive impact just by showing up and shining as the stars they are.

Most people will go for options one or two because words like “creativity,” “innovation,” “intuition,” and “community,” sound to them like soft, fluffy “nice-to-haves.” They won’t recognize them for what they really are: the basis of all leadership, problem-solving, and enterprise.

But since you’ve read this far, I have a feeling you might be one of the weirdos I’m looking for: heart-led thought leaders who respect mother nature and want to work in harmony with her to increase your yields on every level, not just financial.

If this is you, then I would like to extend you an invitation to sit down with me for a free, hour-long coaching session to see if you’re a good fit for our unique community.